British Style
Italian Beauty

Pace (i.e. stillness): the name and soul of the hotel

Immersed in the enchantment of Sirmione, the Hotel Pace is a place of stillness, a corner where you can abandon yourself to silence and relax in front of the ravishing waters of Garda Lake, for a holiday to be enjoyed in a British, intimate and familiar atmosphere.

From the view of the lake to the enchantment of the surroundings

In the historic centre, in the heart of the charming ancient hamlet of Sirmione, the Pace Hotel overlooks Garda Lake. Along the path from the arbor in the garden to th the jetty, at any time of day, you can cherish and make this landscape between water and sky your own.

From here begins the journey that you have decided to carve out for your holiday: from the timeless charm of Sirmione to the heterogeneity of an area which offers panoramas, beaches, history, flavours, scents and poetry, to the discovery of wonder.


Rooms equipped with any amenities overlooking the lake

The 22 rooms are furnished in a classic style, with an English taste, and provided with any comfort: from your room you can be enchanted by panoramas of the lake and landscape glimpses of Sirmione’s backcountry.

Enclosed in the harmony the Pace Hotel is rife with, you shall feel pampered both in your room and in the other areas of the accommodation facility.


The romantic and refined terrace overlooking the lake and the classic cornice of the hotel can host wedding receptions, up to fifty guests, including lunch preparation.
Enjoy the best day of your life in the one-of-a-kind location of Sirmione.

Every morning freshly baked brioches and cookies for breakfast

Every day, in the breakfast room facing the jetty, let yourself be enveloped by the scent of homemade cakes and freshly baked cookies, while enjoying the lake view.


Famous guests

In the thirties Ezra Pound and James Joyce, linked by a bond of friendship, met at Garda Lakeside in the Hotel Pace, where they would find inspiration and recall such experience in their further letters.

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